Motaquip Auto Spares is part of Global Reach Trading Limited who is the export dealer for Motaquip Spare Parts in the UK

Your car is worth a lot to you. It's your ticket to mobility and independence. At Global Reach Trading Limited, we make sure this remains the case by providing top quality spare-parts for your car.


Motaquip is one of the UK's leading vehicle spare-part brands. With 30 years experience in the automotive industry, Motaquip supplies an extensive, all makes range of quality assured products. They have made it their mission to deliver class leading OEM (original equipment manufacturer) matching quality parts to the automotive aftermarket. Motaquip is a Peugeot PLC owned company.


Global Reach Trading Limited is the Export Dealer for Motaquip products in the United Kingdom. is utilised to offer the quality and reliable Motaquip products to distributors worldwide.


The complete range of Motaquip products are available for export to any market through us - Regardless of the scale of what you request, Global Reach Trading Limited provides exactly what you need.

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